Conspiracy Theory: Obama Was Afraid 'The Bernank' Would Screw Up Today

President Barack Obama
Photo by: Pete Souza
President Barack Obama

Why on earth did Barack Obama decide to release his birth certificate today?

One theory is that he is trying to distract attention away from something else. Clearly, the birth certificate will fill the front pages of tomorrow’s newspaper. At the very least, if you are in the Obama administration, today would be a very good day to release some less important bad news.

So I’m going to totally make up an idea of what Obama is covering up.

Why not? The entire “where was Obama born” issue was nonsense to begin with. And now it’s nonsense with a presidential imprimatur.

My theory is that Obama was afraid that Ben Bernanke—sorry, The Bernank—would slip-up during his first ever press conference today and reveal that…uhm, hold on a second, let me think….okay, I got it…the Federal Reserve is a secretive cabal of bankers who are…wait for it…buying up US debt to artificially keep down interest rates.

Imagine how the world would react! Better to have everyone focused on this awesome victory for Donald Trump.


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