Odd Discovery on the Surface of Planet Briana*


Astronauts landed on Planet Briana today and made an odd discovery while exploring the surface with their sidekick, a hippo named Fluffy.

They discovered a formation on the surface of Planet Briana that looked like Kim Kardashian but took a five-minute break to eat.

Then, they decided to shine their smelly flashlight on it to get a better look.

They had to move at the pace of a mouse because they were wearing special space shirts made by professional wrestlers.


“I think it looks like more like a green, spotted millipede with 1,346 legs,” said astronaut Billy.

“I thought it looked kind of annoying,” said astronaut Bob, who then snapped a photo of their discovery and emailed it to his aunt.

The mission was considered a success. They left a chair that said "BRB" (Be Right Back) and had a smiley face on it, so that any aliens who stumbled upon it would feel psychotic.

* This is a fictional story that was created by kids for CNBC’s Bring Your Kids to Work Day. It was created in Mad Lib format. None of the characters were meant to resemble real people, animals or aliens.

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