Mint Quality Will and Kate Memorabilia

Have you heard there's a wedding in London tomorrow? There's still time to order a pretty copy of the five-pound coin the Royal Mint issued to commemorate the big day.

The Royal Mint traditionally creates new coins to commemorate special events or notable people, and Will and Kate's nuptials are no exception.

Will and Kate coins
Will and Kate coins

Their wedding coin features the two of them in silhouette facing each other, with Kate looking surprisingly toothy - but a lot more like herself than she did on the engagement coin issued late last year. If you want a nice fresh one before the big day, you can still order an uncirculated copy for 9.99 pounds, or a proof in silver (55.50 pounds) or gold (1,550 pounds.)

Hmm. Royal swag at above-market prices.....priceless.

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