A Real Royal Throne—For Only $6,400

I have to ask a couple personal questions. How much time do you spend on the toilet every day? How often do you go to the bathroom every day?

The toilet is the most intimate piece of equipment we have in the house or office, and yet we pay almost no attention to it.

Kohler thinks that's a lost business opportunity.

The kitchen and bath giant is unveiling its Numi toilet this month in North America. This toilet does a whole lot more than flush. The Numi senses when you walk in the room, and automatically raises its lid. It can even be programmed to automatically raise the seat for guys and put it back down when they're done—YES!!

It has a heated seat, another heater for your feet, and there's a built in bidet that cleans, dries, and self-sanitizes.

The Numi comes with a sound system with stored music, or you can hook up your MP3 player and fill the bathroom with tunes while you prepare for work.

Plus, the advertising indicates only really, really incredibly sexy people who don't eat much (and, therefore, don't use the toilet much) use a Numi...or using one turns you into someone really, really incredibly sexy.

The Numi does everything except solve your gastrointestinal issues. By the way, it also has an automatic deodorizer. Toto has long sold self-cleaning/drying toilets with heated seats, but the Numi takes luxury and technology to a new level. A lot of work went into this toilet. It gives new meaning to anal retentive.

So how much money are you going to flush down for this toilet? The retail price is $6,400, but Faucet Direct has it for the "low" price of $4,313 . ?

We asked David Kohler, President and COO of Kohler, along with product manager Mike Marbach, to demonstrate how this toilet can change your life. If Americans are willing to spend fortunes on steam showers and whirlpool baths, why not improve the toilet, even if doing so costs more than a used car?

"I have one," says David Kohler of the Numi. "I just tell you, it's the most wonderful product I've ever used."

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