Get Ready for the 'Social Media Stock Revolution'

Get ready for the "social media stock revolution," Cramer said Friday.

There is a potential new crop of social media initial public offerings that may send Web-based companies' stocks much higher, the "Mad Money" host explained. Netflix , for example, could power higher when Groupon, Twitter or Facebook goes public.

While the "revolution" has yet to take place in the U.S., Cramer said it may get underway in China as soon as next week.

Shares of Baidu and Sina , China's version of Google and Twitter respectively, are ramping up as Beijing-based Renren Network is set to go public next week. Cramer likens Renren to Facebook and said its IPO will be “the rising tide that lifts all Chinese Internet-related boats, just as the IPOs of Groupon, Twitter and potential IPO of Facebook will send up American Internet stocks."

Anyone considering selling BIDU or SINA should wait until Renren goes public, Cramer said. At that point, he thinks home gamers could take profits.

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