Cramer: Be Careful with the Risk-Off Trade

Not all of the staples stocks are necessarily safe in this pullback, Cramer said Tuesday, especially as many of the gains could be easily taken away.

"You may think you're seeking security in the staples, that you can hide in them without a problem, but it could be false safety," Cramer said. "You might believe that after a few days of relative strength versus so many other sectors that you could just own any staple or own all the staples, get undiversified and come out unscathed at this moment. Wrong!"

Take a look at what's happening with Clorox , for example. A maker of household goods, Cramer said it's a classic staple. After the company reported earnings on Tuesday, the stock was hammered. It fell by roughly 3.6 percent, Cramer said. Clorox took a beating because the company faced tremendous pricing pressure in a host of its products, including its Tilex mold and mildew remover, Clorox 2 stain fighter, Brita water filtration systems and Glad food storage products. The company reported anemic 1 percent sales growth, as it was unable to pass higher commodity costs onto consumers by way of price increases.

When it comes to staples, Cramer thinks Clorox's troubles are being felt across the board. He would rather buy the industrials or oils on dips, so that he could at least expect more than the 1 percent sales growth of Clorox. When the market settles down, he thinks people will rotate out of the false safety in staples and back into the industrials because they have much better growth.

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