Investors Poured $22 Billion Into ETFs in April

Investors doubled their net buying of ETFs and ETNs in April from the month before, committing an extra $22.4 billion, according to data just released by the National Stock Exchange.


Fifty-one percent of the net inflows went into long US equity funds and notes, 31 percent into long international equities and 10 percent into long fixed income.

$1.1 trillion is now committed to ETFs and ETNs, up 34 percent over last year, according to the NSE.

It estimates ETFs now make up 28 percent of all daily US equity trades.

The biggest April inflows went into the largest ETFsfor American equities and emerging markets:

SPDR S&P 500 $2.7 billion

PowerShares QQQ $2.1 billion

iShares MSCI-Emerging markets $18 billion

iShares S&P 500 $1.1 billion

iShares Russell 2000 $1 billion

It's also worth noting that in April investors halved their net extra commitment to commodity funds to $1.1 billion.


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