Everyone Can Now Be A Manufacturer: Autodesk CEO

Technology has made it easy for anyone with an active imagination to design, make and sell a product, bypassing traditional manufacturing companies, Autodesk Chief Executive Carl Bass told CNBC Tuesday at the Wired Business Conference.

Wired Business Conference 2011 - A CNBC Special Report
Wired Business Conference 2011 - A CNBC Special Report

"People are using free, cheap software and they are connecting it to devices that make really high-quality things cheaply, in small numbers. Things that you used to go to manufacturers for you can now do yourself," he said.

Autodesk's will be coming out with a beta version of design software but he gave no specific release date.

Bass said it only takes a "cheap digital camera" and computer software for the creative to design products and then make them themselves or send their designs to companies that will create and sell the products.

Chris Anderson, Wire Magazine's editor in chief, said the Internet showed that "when you give the tools to everybody, you get an extraordinary explosion of new ideas. Innovations speed up to light speed. The same thing’s about to happen with manufacturing.

"When you put the ability to make something in the hands of everybody, you’ll suddenly see all the ideas that were out there just waiting to come out" from "regular folks, not big companies."