Comcast to Focus on NBC Programming: Roberts

With quarterly earnings reflecting solid performance in subscribers and ad sales, Comcast will accelerate attention to its latest acquisition, NBC Universal, company CEO Brian Roberts said Wednesday.

Comcast corporate headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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Comcast corporate headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Folding in NBC Universal with Comcast this year was a fairly "seamless integration," Roberts said, while acknowledging that the main network side of the business has lagged the cable offerings.

"I'm trying to manage expectations to say this is a long investment," he said in a live CNBC interview. "Any success will disproportionately be helpful to NBC Universal, because right now there's not a lot of cash contribution from those parts of the business."

The cable operator on Tuesday reported adjusted earnings of 36 cents per share, up five cents from the previous year. Earnings beat expectations by two cents on the bottom line, and on the top line where the company reported $13.3 billion in revenue.

The reported included two months for NBC Universal following the official acquisition in January.

Roberts said the company has put together a "world-class management team" to build the NBC broadcast product, which has struggled to compete in programming against its competitors.

"We are very focused on the ability to have the content part of the company and the cable part of the company work together to build value for the shareholders, to make more compelling programming for our viewers," he said.

Comcast shares rose 1.4 percent in early trading.