Cities for Dudes

What’s important to single men? According to Maxim’s menu bar, it’s "gaming, girls, humor, movies, music, sports, stuff, TV and video."

Date Auction
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Date Auction

Time and money are precious, so when it comes to where guys live, their priorities are that it fit their budget, be close to work and close to nightlife (i.e., girls), according to a recent survey by

Not surprisingly, having a spacious kitchen was NOT important to 96 percent of the bachelors surveyed, backing up the theory that single guys live on takeout. They also like being waited on: Over two-thirds (69 percent) of bachelors who rent said having a maintenance staff readily available in their building is “most essential.”

So what are the best places for them to get all of that? Here are the 10 Best Cities for Bachelors, according to a recent survey by

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