Equities Are Still the Place to Be: Stock Picker

Equities remain the better investment choice, said Michael Sansoterra, managing director and co-portfolio manager at Silvant Capital Management.

“We’ve seen corporate profits though the bulk of earnings be better than expected and commodity prices rising for the last few months,” Sansoterra told CNBC.

“And with a slight break in commodity prices, the better companies have been passing on those price increases to their customers, so even if this current softness in commodity pricing actually persists, you should see better earnings going forward for the next quarter.” (Scroll down to see his full picks.)

Sansoterra added that stocks are looking inexpensive from a P/E or cash flow basis.

“The Fed punch bowl has been going away—QE2 ending and no QE3 for some time is being priced in and will continue to be priced in,” he continued. “But there’s no reason to think that even the first interest rate hike—which we don’t think will be next year—would necessarily tank the market.”

As long as corporate profits stay decent, Sansoterra expects stocks to continue grinding higher.

Sansoterra Likes:



BE Aerospace

(Meanwhile, J.J. Burns of J.J. Burns & Company says investors should look into commodities instead.)


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