Hate Us Because We're Funny

One of the many, many things I love about this country is that we are funny. As I noted earlier this week, hours after learning Osama bin Laden had been shot dead, we started doing what we always do...cracking jokes.

We haven't stopped.

Terrorists hate us for a lot of reasons, but I think one of them is because we smile. We laugh. We're happy. We're sarcastic. We do stupid, silly things. We make people like Charlie Sheen famous. So sue me. Don't kill me.

Will Ferrell, it could be argued, is a national treasure in this regard. His FunnyOrDie website has wasted no time in coming up with its own reaction to the OBL death.

In the video, Ferrell again plays former Pres. George W. Bush — at a Sizzler salad bar — talking about the annihilation of the foe who's been terrorizing him for the last several years. It ain't Osama.

Then there's the reaction to the codename for the bin Laden mission — "Geronimo". Some are very offended. At first, many believed the famous Apache warrior's name was actually the codename for bin Laden himself, but Osama was called "Jackpot". Still, I asked on Twitterfor more appropriate codenames.

Here are a few that I can publish on a family friendly blog:

  • Usomity Sam
  • Darth Ladeneth
  • Wile E. al-Coyote
  • Kevorkian ("He helped his followers commit suicide")
  • Fail Whale
  • Essobee
  • Monday ("Because everyone hates Mondays")

They're all funny, but I vote for "Monday". Who can be offended by that?


We may be funny, but the Brits have the market cornered on being oddly funny. Case in point, my runner up to Funny Business Product of the Week: "The Finger-Nose Stylus for Touchscreens" created by British designer Dominic Wilcox. It gives new meaning to "strap on."

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