What's On: Commodity Crash and Big Jobs Friday

On Friday's "Squawk on the Street," starting at at 9 a.m. ET, we're focusing on the: the big jobs report. Get your first reaction from investors coast to coast on the big show.

We're also following Thursday's commodity crash. Oil really took it on the barrel, having fallen 10 percent. We'll check stocks like ExxonMobil, Chevron and BP to see where they stand and see where they're headed. Plus we'll analyze the impact on the airlines, like American Airlines and Southwest. Those names are on our list, should they be on yours?

We're also watching other transports, like truckers Con-Way and Arkansas Best Corporation. The impact of oil's fall on stocks will be a market mover.

Also on jobs Friday, forget the economists. We'll talk live with the men and women who hire and fire. We have the CEOs of Alcatel , CarFusion and Taleo to see what they're seeing.

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Jobs is also the focus of the Street Poll. Click here to tell us what you think about your job prospects.

Plus how all this volatility can help or hurt you.


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