SAP Aiming to Be Worth 20 Billion Euros by 2015: Co-CEO

SAP’s Co-CEO told CNBC on Monday that the company is aiming to be worth 20 billion euros ($28 billion) by 2015.

SAP Headquarters
SAP Headquarters

“With the strategy we have there is enough innovation coming our way to deliver more value to our customers, there is growth potential, said Jim Hagemann Snabe.

Much of the growth is expected to come from the Americas where SAP, a business software maker, is directing resources and attention.

“It’s always been a fact that the Americas have been early in adopting new technologies and we bring a lot of new technology to the market. In Mexico and Brazil it is very exciting what’s going on there. We are directing our attention and resources to these markets while staying loyal to traditional markets where we have growth but not that high,” he said.

SAP posted double digit growth for the first quarter of the year but missed analysts expectations.

“We had strong double digit growth on software revenues and you’ll see us coming back strong with lots of innovation coming to the market,” Snabe added.