Meet the Navy SEAL Dog — Sort Of

Navy Seal Dog
Source: Twitter
Navy Seal Dog

Dogs are amazing. You won't see a cat go into battle.

A cat won't sniff around to help rescuers find survivors in the rubble.

Cats wouldn't be caught dead helping a blind person get around.

Take a bullet for you? Come on. There is no 'ow' in 'meow'.

A dog even helped take out the world's most wanted terrorist.

Everyone —well, me — wants to know more about the canine which accompanied the Navy SEALs team that killed Osama bin Laden.

I've found him. On Twitter.

The first thing I notice about @SEAL_Dog6is that he (she?) doesn't appear to be a German shepherd or Belgian Malinois, the dogs usually favored by the military. But he's tough. "Bit the s@#t out of Bin Laden" is how the "dog" describes himself. The first tweet went up in the late hours Thursday night: "To be honest, I am a little embarrassed by the publicity. Oh, hello cat...gotta run."

Many followers are asking about discounted rumors that SEAL dogs have titanium teeth. "Don't believe the hype," the dog replied.

Some of @SEAL_Dog6'stweets lack comedic punch. But he's a dog. Here are a few of his (her?) tweets which made me laugh:

"OBL was watching Golden Girls when we entered."

"If I ride this popularity right and become FB friends with Paris Hilton, maybe she'll adopt me. Let's face it, the Mil retirement pkg sucks"

Naturally, fans are hoping @SEAL_Dog6 will help in the escape of that other famous animal on Twitter, @BronxZoosCobra. "Would be an easy extraction," the dog says. "Talk about teeth, yowza."

In the meantime, if you love dogs, you'll love this. And if you don't love dogs, we have nothing more to discuss. Ever.

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