The Twitter Factor

“Touting on Twitter may mark a top that means sell, sell, sell. Not buy, buy, buy," Cramer said Monday.

In other words, the "Mad Money" host thinks that if people are promoting a certain stock on Twitter, investors should consider selling or at least being very careful with that stock.

Take silver , for example. After many of Cramer's followers endlessly promoted the metal, he told viewers the stock was too hot to handle.

Last week, the spotlight shifted to Citigroup . Cramer said his followers wanted him to push Citi ahead of the 10-for-1 reverse split that went into affect Monday morning.

“That non-stop emphasis led me to believe that, like silver, there's too much hot money in Citigroup," he explained.

Cramer emphasized that he likes Citigroup as a long-term investment, but will not push it or any other bank stock short-term because of the relentless government pressure. He also said that while the stock has a small price tag, Citi’s earnings profile is not great enough to propel it higher.

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