Commodities Give a Lift, Euro Rumors Give Whiplash


Rumor time for the euro, good times for commodity currencies. Time for your daily FX Fix.

Greek, IMF, and European Union leaders and officials are denying a report that new aid for Greece is in the works. The euro was up, and then it wasn't. [Reuters]

The yen is weaker as traders opt for strengthening European stocks. [RTT]

Stronger than expected Australian trade figures helped the Aussie dollar recover some of its recently lost ground. [Reuters]

Rising commodity prices helped the Aussie dollar as well, along with the Norwegian krone, the Canadian dollar, and the New Zealand dollar. []

The Swiss franc dropped after softer than expected inflation data, easing pressure to raise interest rates. [FT]

Attn Kelley - OPTION -- Here is a list of multi-currencies v the dollar


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