Now Hiring!

Finally, we can stop saying JOBLESS recovery and just call it a recovery as companies are finally starting to come out of the woodwork and hire again.


And it's about time, too — We've been doing this blog for a few years now, searching for a pony, a bright side, in this economy somewhere and it looks like he finally galloped in!

More than 1.2 million jobshave been created over the past seven months, according to the Labor Department. And layoffs have been tapering off for more than a year now: There were just 37,000 positions lost in April, the third lowest in the past 16 months, according the latest report from Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

“At the beginning of this year, we moved into a period of much stronger job creation,” said John Challenger, CEO of the company. “Companies aren’t just hiring in response to growing demand but hiring as a bet on future growth.”

”I can’t think of a corporate or non-profit client I have that doesn’t have job openings,” said Julie Jansen, a career coach and author of “I Don’t Know What I Want but I Know It’s Not This.”“Additionally, my resume and coaching clients are all getting interviews.”

Jansen said the areas she’s seeing the most pickup in are marketing, human resources, training, nonprofit, development and supply-chain management/procurement. Challenger adds that the hottest sectors are energy, health care, technology, business services and international.

And, companies aren’t just hiring temporary workers, a pacifier typical of early-stage recoveries, they’re starting to hire more full-time workers.

“We’re seeing a positive progression,” said Jorge Perez, senior vice president at Manpower North America. Companies are “transitioning from temporary workers to more full-time employment,” he said. “It truly defines how the bigger market for full-time employment is coming back.”

As companies grew more confident in the recovery this year — and their profits — many announced plans to hire new workers.

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Say, what do ponies eat, anyway?!

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: