Steve Cohen Didn't Go to Class

Steve Cohen
Anthony Behar | Getty Images
Steve Cohen

SAC Capital founder Steve Cohen isn't like the rest of us.

When he was a 12-year-old, he spent his mornings looking through the stock pages of the newspaper.

When he went to college, he skipped classes to stare into the windows of the stockbrokers' offices in Philadelphia.

In short, Cohen was a stock nerd from the very start.

The pay-off for Cohen has been enormous. He's a billionaire a few times over. There's almost nothing in the world he cannot buy or order duplicated. If the guy wanted the Great Wall Of China, I bet China would at least lease it to him.

His tastes shape the art market. Steve likes impressionism, dislikes "ugly, dark" Dutch masters. Guess what's hot?

One thing that's surprising: Cohen didn't start his firm until he was 37 years old. In an era when hedge funds are started by guys who can barely grow a five o'clock shadow by midnight, that's practically ancient.


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