Driving Across Country on Natural Gas

"Nat gas vehicles are not some far-fetched pipe dream," Cramer said Friday. "They’re already here and they work just fine. A whole lot better than the electric vehicles favored by the White House."

Cramer pointed to Murray Gerber, who recently drove across the country in a natural gas-powered Hummer. Starting in Santa Monica, Calif. on April 28, Gerber and his wife drove the vehicle all the way to New York City. The former chairman and CEO of nat gas producer EQT , Gerber sought to prove there are already enough nat gas re-fueling stations in place to make a transcontinental trip possible.

That kind of trip wouldn't be possible with an electric car, though, Cramer said. Electric cars can travel up to 200 miles before needed a charge, which takes up to eight hours to complete.

The "Mad Money" host thinks natural gas-powered cars are the future. To hear more about Gerber's trip and natural gas in general, Cramer invited Gerber onto the program. Watch the video to see the full interview.

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