How Good Can a Hamburger Be?


For those of you who've never lived out West, the rabid loyalty fast foodies out here express toward In-N-Out Burger must seem exaggerated, too good to be true.

I mean, come on, it's just a hamburger, right? No.

In-N-Out is something uniquely Californian, with an emphasis on quality and fresh ingredients. It's also a reminder of the old days, when California wasn't broke, when cars weren't considered bad, and when people had a sense of humor (e.g., the "In-N-Out Burger" bumper stickers with the "B" and "r" from "Burger" removed).

Last month I blogged about the competitionIn-N-Out is now facing from Five Guys. We conducted an unscientific taste test. Not even close. In-N-Out won by a mile.

Speaking of miles...

Last week the first In-N-Out stores opened in Texas.

I knew there would be crowds, but I don't think anyone expected this. The line of cars is a mile long, literally.

They say everything is bigger in Texas. That must include anticipation, lines, and insanity.

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