Socialists Fly First Class


Why DSK’s arrest is bad for the IMF, France, and Greece (Felix Salmon) Think about how much has been put in jeopardy by the alleged sex fiendery of the allegedly great Socialist diplomat.

In re: $3000 a night hotels and First Class airfare.(Bainbridge) "Has there ever been a socialist government in which the people at the top didn't live at least as well as the coupon-clipping plutocrats of capitalism?"

No bail for IMF chief (CNBC) He's a huge flight risk.

Did Citadel sell Omnium to look less Madoff-y (Business Insider) Ever since Madoff, these "all-in-one" deals look a bit fishy.

How to make money in microseconds (London Review of Books) What happens to markets when algos go hunting algos that are hunting algos.

Apple approves prostitution-friendly app (Digital Life) SugarSugar helps "wealthy men who are willing to shower young women with money, gifts, and other compensation in exchange for companionship."

Donald Trump isn't running for President (Business Insider) The 2012 presidential race just got a lot less fun.

Inside the NYSE Euronext data center in Mahwah, N.J. (Securities Technology Monitor) No windows. Secret address. One door. Tight security.

Defining Raj crime (Truth On The Market). "The federal government gets to prosecute these actions only because of a Rube Goldberg contraption by which deceiving your employer in New York into thinking you’re keeping information confidential is magically converted into fraud on a day-trader in Omaha who benefits by trading the security without realizing that its price reflects the stolen information."

BitCoins (Launch) A supposedly new kind of untraceable, untaxable digital currency that I don't yet understand but am fairly certain will fail.