Madoff Prosecutors Want Delay in Aide's Sentencing

Madoff prosecutors have filed a letter with the judge overseeing the case requesting that Frank Dipascali's sentencing be delayed again due to his "active and ongoing cooperation" in the overall criminal investigation.

Frank DiPascali
Source: unknown
Frank DiPascali

Dipascali, the former right-hand man to Madoff, is expected to be called as a witness if a case against former Madoff employees goes to trial.

Those employees Annette Bongiorno, JoAnn Crupi, Daniel Bonventre, Jerome O'Hara and George Perez have been charged in a multiple count indictment related to their roles in the Ponzi Scheme. No trial date is set.

Prosecutors also cite Dipascali's role in the forfeiture settlements with early Madoff investors Jeffry Picower and Carl Shapiro.

Judge Richard Sullivan approved the prosecutors request and asked for an update on November 18, 2011.