Going 'Green,' Even At Motel 6

Service bell at hotel reception
Louis Fox | Digital Vision | Getty Images
Service bell at hotel reception

Ecotravel has gone from luxury to the low end, and everywhere in between.

"Increasingly we're seeing a very mainstream customer who's willing to go for the greener option," says Alison Presley, who manages Travelocity's "Travel for Good" program.

Presley says in the two years since she's been on board, the number of "green hotels" offered on the site has grown from 700 to over 3,000.

What constitutes "green?" Presley says Travelocity looks at a variety of factors, like hotels that do not wash towels every day or that replace those little shampoo bottles with a wall dispenser in the shower.

Travel Dollars - A CNBC Special Report
Travel Dollars - A CNBC Special Report

While there are still tourists willing to pay a "green premium" for luxury ecotravel — the tourist equivalent of the Whole Foods shopper — the financial kind of green still trumps the eco kind for many consumers.

Price matters. But Presley says even Super 8 and Motel 6 are jumping on the green bandwagon.

"It really doesn't cost more," she says, adding that many green measures save hotels money.

Hear more in this interview, including how Travelocity will plant a tree in your honor if you are not convinced a "green" hotel is green enough.