Just Two More Trading Days Till the World Ends.


54% of American Adults Now Believe Housing Recovery Remains Unlikely Until 2014 Or Later (Trulia) The share expecting a quick recovery drops from 42% to 24%.

At a Time of Needed Financial Overhaul, a Leadership Vacuum (Pro Publica) Five major bank regulatory positions either unfilled or staffed with acting directors.

Photos And Videos From The Protests Raging In Spain (Business Insider) Tunisia. Egypt. Libya. Spain?

The IMF oddsmakers (Felix Salmon) We like the odds on Christine Lagarde at 20-1.

J.P. Morgan Responds to Meredith Whitney (MarketBeat) "We continue to maintain that municipalities will make tough choices elsewhere to maintain market access." Wanna bet?

Back To That Scary LinkedIn Math (Forbes.com) Does a $4.3 billion valuation make sense? Of course not.

Finally! Here are the details on how the world will end (Business Insider) A huge earthquake at exactly 6 p.m.