100 Sales Execs, 20 Prostitutes, One Party

German insurer Munich Re has admitted it hired 20 prostitutes as a reward for around 100 of its top sales executives at a party hosted in Budapest in 2007.

Kevin Steele | Aurora | Getty Images

A spokeswoman for the company confirmed an earlier press report to CNBC.

"Yes it is true that there has been an incentive trip to Budapest in June 2007," she told CNBC. "Our investigations into the matter have revealed that there were approximately 20 prostitutes present during the evening event," she said.

"We are currently checking other events at HMI (the unit in question), but currently believe that this kind of event only has taken place once," she added.

According to the report the 20 women where given arm bands and then escorted party attendees to beds and then earning a stamp on their forearm to keep a running tally of their services.

The executives who signed off on the party left the company before the "single incident" was exposed.

The party was hosted for independent contractors who sold insurance products for Munich Re’s Ergo Insurance Group.