No Yen for Yen, But Real's on a Roll


Japan's in a recession, IMF leadership's in play, and the Brazilian real is on a roll. Time for your daily FX Fix.

The dollar rose against the yen after U.S. jobless claims fell, and Japan officially went into a recession. [WSJ]

That royal wedding sure was nice. UK retail sales got a lift from it, so the British pound did too. []

The euro is edging higher, but worries about Greece are keeping a lid on things. [Reuters]

Brazil's real is having a real good day as traders adapt to government rule changes aimed at stemming the currency's rise. [WSJ]

A pickup in oil prices helped lift the Russian ruble. [CNBC]

Game on: now that Dominique Strauss-Kahn has resigned his IMF post, it's Europe vs. emerging nations on who will succeed him as Europe's debt crisis smolders. [CNBC]


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