Gene Simmons on How to Say ‘Rock 'n Roll All Night’ in Swahili

Gene Simmons
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Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley play rock music as a side job. Their real jobs are marketing the KISS brand, licensing their names across a myriad of products.

And now across a myriad of languages.

This morning in Beverly Hills, the two have been hosting a global webcast to promote, a software filter which translates Facebook posts or Tweets or Outlook emails into 53 languages in real time. Orstbo means "local" in Swedish, and the firm, owned by Intertainment Media, claims 9 million unique monthly visitors in 170 countries.

During the webcast at the Beverly Hills Hotel, questions came in from 107 different countries for Simmons and Stanley, from Afghanistan to Zambia, all being translated into English for the duo, who then sent their responses translated back into...Pashtun? Swahili?

Gene Simmons
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Gene Simmons

In a "press conference" populated by attractive looking...actors...Simmons and Stanley got their first question from "Carlo", who sent it in from Germany.

The fan asked, in German, "I love 'Sonic Boom', do you have plans for another album?" Stanley spoke his answer while Simmons typed it. "We're very proud," Stanley started before Simmons interrupted, "A little slower." Stanley paused, waiting for Simmons fingers to catch up. "It all led up this new album (pause) which is untitled (pause) but picks up where that left off." The answer was then translated into German. I don't speak/read German, so I can't say whether something was lost in translation.

The two hoped to break the Guinness World Record for the most countries in one webcast in this event.

The current record is 50, and a half hour in they were up to 27...

But that's not why I'm here, as interesting as the technology is.

I'm here to interview Simmons live on the Fast Money Halftime Reportabout his OTHER new venture: selling insurance. Simmons is co-founder of Cool Life Springs Equity Strategy. The company is targeting high net worth individuals with policies starting at $10 million. Think of it as a new version of his "family jewels."

The portrait gallery of co-founders is fabulous. Gene Simmons in a tie!! But insurance? From a guy who's whole persona is based on being reckless?

Tune in to the halftime report and Gene Simmons answer that question.

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