DSK DNA, Zombies and Boozy Kids


DSK DNA (DealBreaker) You knew this was going to happen, right?

How a zombie virus because a big biotech business (Discover) It would have gone nowhere if not for the spineless creeps that spread it.

Obama keeps saying taxes on the rich are at the lowest they've been in 25 years. (Washington Post) But that's just not true.

Hidden bank fee of the day, wholesale FX edition (Felix Salmon) How to get rich and rip customers off with foreign exchange trades.

Dodd questions rule that would make swap market players post cash collateral (Risk.Net) Another Democrat deciding to undermine Dodd-Frank.

Speculative traders boosted their net short positions against the 10-year Treasury note last week to the highest levels since last August (MarketBeat) Contrary indicator.

How Booze Keeps Getting Served In Sippy Cups To Kids At Restaurants (Consumerist) Everyone in the club getting tipsy!