What's On: AutoZone, QR Energy and AIG's Re-IPO

Here's what's up on Tuesday's Squawk on the Street:

--Results from AutoZone. See if those numbers can drive the stock higher.

--Plus, the CEO of QR Energy. See how he's hoping to power his company to the next level. There's a lot happening in his sector these days — see where he stands.

--But the big story of the day will be AIG. We'll have a special report starting at 10:30am ET. We'll cover the re-IPOing of the stock, details on the best way to get in, the winners, the losers, we'll compare the new AIG to the old AIG ... and debate whether the stock is a buy or a sell.

--The Street Poll asks if you think AIG should still be considered "too big to fail" and should be bailed out if it ever gets in trouble again. Share your opinion.

--Outside of AIG, will the shorts be circling LinkedIn like a bunch of sharks surround a hunk of meat in the ocean? We're talking about the short trade, and a lot of Wall Streeters are licking their chops.


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