Cramer: A Practically Unstoppable Stock

In this difficult market, home gamers need to look for long-term themes that they can count on regardless of what’s happening in the global economy, Cramer said Tuesday.

That’s why he likes Weight Watchers. With two-thirds of Americans overweight and one-third of that population considered obese, the weight management business is booming. So with all the diets out there, why does Cramer like WTW?

“Weight Watchers is not just some faddish diet,” the “Mad Money” host said. “They’re more like an anti-fad diet, a lifestyle company that's a medical company, frankly, all about helping people change their behavior to lose weight and keep it off.”

The New York-based company has taken off since rolling out its new points system after Thanksgiving. In February, it reported a stellar quarter and raised guidance, which caused the stock to skyrocket 46 percent in a single day. In May, Weight Watchers reported another beat and raise, causing the stock to jump another 14 percent. In fact, the company has gained 219 percent since Cramer recommended it in June of 2010, and Cramer thinks there’s more upside to come.

To find out more about what’s in store for Weight Watchers, Cramer spoke with CEO David Kirchhoff. To see the full interview, watch the video.

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