Cramer’s Take on Yandex

Russian Internet search firm Yandex launched its initial public offering Tuesday, but Cramer said he can’t recommend any Russian stocks right now because the political risk is too high. He likened his stance to the one he has with Chinese stocks. The only China name he recommends is Baidu .

That being said, he thinks Yandex has some strong bloodlines and is not a “flash in the pan.”

A stock Cramer does like is Salesforce , which he calls great corporate social media. Morgan Stanley upgraded the company to 'overweight' from 'equal weight' Tuesday, and Cramer believes this stock could go up to $160.

Elsewhere in the market, Goldman Sachs has called a bottom to the correction in the commodity markets. Cramer, however, is hesitant to follow this call right now because the economy is slowing down.

“You can’t just hate, love, hate, love,” Cramer said, referring to the bank’s about face from its bearish call last month on commodities.

And he’s not buying the argument that oil demand is going to exceed supply. Gold , on the other hand, Cramer likes because it is only adding 1 percent to the world’s supply every year.

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