Pippa, Tea Partiers, And a Forever War


Farmers love Skype. (DealBreaker) And so do commodities traders looking for an edge

Intrade Founder John Delaney Dies On Mt. Everest (Business Insider) Rest In Peace.

Pippa Middleton's boyfriend may be in corporate finance for a brewery (Business Insider) It's okay to be jealous.

Teach For America: Turning Idealistic Grads Into Former Teachers? (The Grindstone) They come out of the program hating teaching.

Tea Partiers Swept In On Anti-Wall Street Wave Now Pushing Deregulation (Talking Points Memo) And taking in a lot of campaign cash from Wall Street.

We're still a long way off from selling all those TARP assets(CNBC.com) The struggle for financial stability is a forever war.