Mark Haines: Maria Bartiromo Remembers

Mark Haines was a pioneer.

We launched Squawk Box together in 1994 and we were proud of delivering something new and something valuable to viewers.

He fought for the individual investor.

He was not afraid to poke holes in your story or your interview.

If it didn't make sense to him, he told you so because he spoke for his viewer.

He was a mentor and a hero.

His highest point came on September 11th. He delivered the tragic news of terrorism without emotion or hysteria. With calm and accurate information, he told us what was happening. He was so good on 9/11.

But every day, he popped around to different stories and exchanges and made business news interesting and fun.

We are all heart broken at CNBC. I will miss Mark - my friend and colleague and we all, including viewers got cheated by his passing.

Maria Bartiromo is the Anchor, CNBC's “Closing Bell” and the Anchor/Managing Editor of the nationally syndicated “Wall Street Journal Report with Maria Bartiromo” as well as the author of CNBC's blog, Investor Agenda.

In memoriam: Mark Haines
In memoriam: Mark Haines