Mark Haines: Tom Rogers Remembers

Part of having been so privileged to have been the first president of NBC cable and one of the founders of CNBC, was having Mark part of the original team that made CNBC the huge brand it has become.

To have Mark on the air from 1989 to the present made the original heritage of CNBC ever present with his unique style that made CNBC from the beginning a must place to be in the business world.

In Memoriam: Mark Haines
In Memoriam: Mark Haines

Truth be told, when I moved on to TiVo, when there key stories of the day I had to get from CNBC, it would be Mark's rendering of them I would TiVo to make sure it was his special treatment and commentary I could capture.

He was so much a part of making CNBC what it is today the entire business world owes him a major debt of gratitude.

Thomas S. Rogers is Chief Executive Officer of TiVo.