Mark Haines: David Faber Remembers

You might not know when it would come, but you didn’t want to miss it when it did:

That moment in an interview conducted by Mark Haines when he would cast a skeptical eye at his subject and bear down with that baritone voice in a relentless, but perfectly acceptable way and demand an answer.

I can remember many a morning when Joe Kernen and I would hear a response from one of our guests that didn’t make any sense and know that within seconds Mark would be all over them.

It made for great TV and it was very good journalism. It still makes me wince to think about it.

In Memoriam: Mark Haines
In Memoriam: Mark Haines

We shared many laughs and good times in our 16 years together on Squawk Box and Squawk on the Street, whether it was making fun of the way Wall Street really worked or bemoaning the state of our lowly Mets.

But, as I mourn Mark’s passing it will be his skill as an interviewer coupled with his wonderful wit, that I will miss the most.