Your Guide to the Ira Sohn Conference: Cubism and Prostitutes


Live Blogging the Ira Sohn Conference (DealBook) Best line: "Instead, he said, try buying some farmland outside the U.S."

Live Blogging the Ira Sohn Conference Part I and Part II (DealBreaker) You can't really go wrong reading a Bess Levin live blog.

Jim Chanos Is Launching A Huge Broadside Against Alternative Energy Stocks (Business Insider) Short solar and wind.

Art History 101: Gundlach Down on Housing; Postive on Gas, Gem Stones (Deal Journal) Mary Pilon on the Bond King's "investment cubism"

Gundlach Leads Off With Prostitutes (MarkBeat) The MarketBeat column snags the best headline of the day.

Also: check out the Tweets by Hunter of Distressed Debt Investing, Reformed Broker, Lawrence Delevingne, and Katya Wachtel.