Mark Haines: Squawk Box Beginnings

It's hard to put in words what Mark Haines has meant to me. And it's hard to narrow it down on such a sad day.

All the stories, fun times, and life lessons he gave me.

It's just too much.

So simply put Mark Haines made my career. As a 24 year old TV novice he took me under his wing, and he taught me everything.

He taught me how to write.

He taught me how to produce

He taught me about the audience (he always put them first).

And taught me how to tell a story.

He gave me all my TV instincts. He taught me how to decifer the news and then showed me how to bundle it all together into one special package. That package became Squawk Box. And that package was all Mark.

I have worked in TV 19 years. All of them at CNBC. And I owe all 19 of them to him

Thanks Mark, forever.