We Lie About our Weight, A Lot


You can never be too rich or too thin.

However, you're hotter if you're thinner rather than richer.

A survey commissioned by Nutrisystem finds that 85 percent of Americans "find a great body more of a turn-on for a sexual partner to have than a lot of money."


Nutrisystem has seen its own stock value lose weight this year as WeightWatchers shares bulked up. Analysts believe some people are preferring cheaper weight loss solutions in the current economy. However, when it comes to fat wallet versus fat waistline, the Nutrisystem survey claims that one in five people would be willing to give up a million dollars in lottery winnings if they could have their dream body for life.

Here's a bit of advice. Take the money. You can buy your dream body and still have some left over.

Who has the dream body we all desire? It depends on the part. The Nutrisystem survey found that women want Jennifer Lopez's legs and backside, Michelle Obama's arms, and Jessica Alba's abs. (We seem to be missing an important body part here, but maybe it's an area where women don't usually want to lose weight). Men long to have Vin Diesel's arms and Matthew McConaughey's stomach.

Healthy Business - A CNBC Special Report
Healthy Business - A CNBC Special Report

Despite our dreams, we don't really want to work that hard for a better body. Nearly half of those surveyed say it would be harder to give up a favorite dessert for a month than give up sex.

Finally, we fib about fat. Half of us admit our profile pictures on social networking sites are intentionally shot from the waist up, nearly one in five of us have lied about our weight on official documents, and 36 percent of us who are married or in serious relationships would rather discuss the number of past sexual partners than talk about how much we truly weigh.

There is some good news.

Nutrisystem claims that by extrapolating its survey results and comparing them to 2010, seven million more Americans can now be classified as healthy, and nine million fewer Americans are unhealthy.

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