Color From D9: It's All About the Money People


CEOs, financiers and entrepreneurs are mingling and doing deals here at the D9 conference.

A few tidbits from the opening hours:

I sat in the row with Frank Quattrone during the Eric Schmidt keynote. He told me he's keeping a low profile media-wise, but he was quite the hot commodity among startups and CEOs. Reed Hastings chatted with him for a while, and entrepreneurs were eager to bend his ear.

Hilary Schneider, the former Yahoo sales and operations chief, is here. I noticed she's being courted by startups to come take a look at their businesses and perhaps offer advice. Seems to be a sense among startups that they need "adult supervision" to get them ready for the big-time.

The mood here is eager, with entrepreneurs saying they realize this is another special time when the door is open with big money flowing to ideas. In a way, there's an acknowledgment that this is, if not a bubble, a patch of froth.

The guy who invented the Flip camera (which Cisco killed), Jonathan Kaplan, is here. He tells me he's showing off his next project today. (Interesting note: Kaplan actually met Cisco CEO John Chambers backstage at an earlier D conference.) This is a conference where entrepreneurs with a track record are rock stars.

Saw LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner here. He's not the "it" guy with this crowd. This year it seems it's all about the money people and the -next- big thing.

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