Relax Wall Street: Bee Swarms Are Attacking BP Now

BP sign seen in Jackson, Missouri.
Getty Images
BP sign seen in Jackson, Missouri.

On Friday we wondered whether we'd see a repeat of last year's Memorial Day weekend bee swarm on Wall Street.

That didn't happen. Apparently, the bees have moved on to attack a more timely villain: BP.

Over the weekend, a swarm of bees fell upon a Brooklyn, N.Y., BP gas station. Click here to see video from NY1 on the swarm.

Why have bees been swarming like this on Memorial Day weekend? Very often these swarms are the result of a hive being disrupted—either because someone has destroyed the hive to make way for summer fun or because the queen has died or is dying.

In any case, Wall Street looks safe from swarms this year. So far.


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