LinkedIn's Ripple Effects

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LinkedIn's CEO is here at the 'All Things D' Conference, and while he's not slated to speak, LinkedIn's IPO is the talk of the conference.

Everyone here - from startups to VCs, to media and tech execs is discussing what LinkedIn's massive valuation means for the market.

VCs in particular seem relieved at the prospect that more exists. I spoke to Patrick Chung, a partner at New Enterprise Associates, who says LinkedIn is a harbinger of a sustained IPO market. But this isn't like the bubble of the '90s - Chung says these are "real companies" with proven business models, and for the most part, established profits.

The numbers tell the story - we're looking at the largest IPO lineup since 2000. Over 165 companies have filed with the SEC to go public this year. And 70 percent of companies going public have already turned a profit. Back in the 90s 70 percent of companies filing to go public were *losing* money.

This IPO rebound is also impacting startups. We caught up with the president of Mahalo, Jason Rapp, which produces online educational videos. He says the prospect of eventually bringing his company public makes Mahalo far more appealing to prospective employees - far easier to compete with the big guns for talent. Once again, young employees see massive potential upside in startups.

There are plenty of IPO targets represented here at D - Groupon CEO Andrew Mason and Twitter CEO Dick Costolo are both speaking. The one hot IPO target that is notably absent is Zynga. Mark Pincus was supposed to speak here but canceled, most likely because the company is expected to file to go public in the next week.

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