The College Bubble, A Tornado and Greek Debt


Tornado Watch! ( Batten down the hatches from Philadelphoa to Portland.

If Your Banker Husband Divorced You There's A 92.5% Chance His Second Wife Is Younger Than You (Business Insider) Men remarry younger women? Who'd a thunk it?

Bitcoin & The End of State-Controlled Money — Q&A(Reason) More libertarians falling for Bitcoin nonsense.

Only 45.9 percent of college grads under 25 have jobs that actually require a college degree. (Economix) The college bubble is hissing.

Resolution authority will mean that victims of mortgage fraud are shut out of recovery (The Conglomerate) Another unintended consequence of Dodd-Frank.

Congratulations to Business Insider on giving birth to a European baby (Business Insider) I heard that some of the peripheral verticals are already deeply in debt.

Greece's Debt cut even lower by Moody's. (CNBC) This will all work out fine. Right? Hello? Anyone still here?