Snazzy, Lazy, and Scared

It's Friday.

Here are three gems to share around the office before heading out.


First is my Funny Business Product of the Week: The Snazzy Napper.

Just wrap it around your face and it'll block out light so you can nap anywhere, while scaring the bejeezus out of the airline passenger next to you.

Someone actually went out and reviewed it.


Even after wearing it to a Mets game - which, given how they're playing, may not be a bad idea.

A close runner up is a new iPhone app called AirRun. This apphelps lazy people be even lazier. Don't want to get off the couch? Put your task out there on the app and see if anyone will do your dirty work for you, for a fee. The service launched in local metro areas in April, and AirRun's PR rep tells me it has 4,000 users so far. The app is free for now, though the company eventually wants to monetize the service. AirRun claims actual requests include: "Get in line for me at the DMV," "Help me get rid of snakes," and, my personal favorite, "Change grandma's diaper." The hope is to connect lazy people with people who need to earn a few bucks, though you couldn't pay me enough to change someone else's grandma's diaper.

Nor would I help you get rid of snakes.

We're heading into rattlesnake season here in LA (shudder). (SHUDDER LOUDLY.) I'm not a fan of snakes. I'm not alone. Here's what you do when you really, really, REALLY hate your co-anchor.