What's On: Ford's Ford, Loews' CEO, Greece and US Unemployment

Here's what's up on Friday's Squawk on the Street:

The jobs report. Investors will have a lot to react to, and we'll bring it all to you live. We could also get a final decision from the IMF on the next stage in the Greece bailout.

--The Executive Chairman of Ford is on the big show, Bill Ford. Get his thoughts on the direction of the company.

--The CEO of Loews James Tisch is also with us. He's a great person to talk to because his business touches so many different sectors: the hotel and travel biz, insurance, energy and beyond.

--On this jobs day we're asking you if you think the unemployment rate will be below 8 percent by November of 2012? That is, of course, election day. No US President has ever been re-elected when unemployment was above 8 percent. Share your opinion in today's Street Poll.


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