D Conference: Startups Cashing in on Content

Source: allthingsd.com

Social media isn't the only hot category here at the "

All Things D" conference.

Some of the hottest companies here are focused on content — helping consumers navigate the nearly infinite content out there and access exactly what they're looking for.

One of the companies drawing the most buzz at "D" launched here on stage yesterday — called "Fanhattan" it's designed to be the ultimate app for movies and TV content. Fanhattan addresses a very specific problem: there's tons of content available online, but to find a certain movie or TV show often requires hunting through several different services. Fanhattan solves that by aggregating the content from the biggest entertainment apps.

The consumer experience is simple — you browse through a library of movies and TV shows. Once you select what you want to watch, the app shows you your options- watch through a Netflix or Hulu subscription, buy it on Amazon or iTunes. It enables you to access all those options in one easy place, without hunting around the web. The app also includes movie reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, info on the cast, and the ability to share on Facebook.

What's the business model?

The app's partners — Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and iTunes pay Fanhattan a fee for each of their movies they sell or new subscriptions they sell. Fanhattan links to some other services that don't currently pay a fee, but Fanhattan would rather be a designation for *all* content and try to build the business relationships over time.

Another hot startup at "D" is , which is all about giving customers exactly the sports content they want. SBNation runs over 300 fan sites devoted to pro and college sports teams. It generates revenue from ads targeting its localized, customized web communities. And this business model — all about the fragmentation of audiences and content — has drawn some big name backers. Allen & Co. and Accell Partners (which backed Facebook) are among the investors who have put $23.5 million into the company. Now SBNation is looking to expand it's model into a new vertical — technology news coverage.

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