Gold, Oil, Gas and Coal Will Keep Rising: Pros

Gold "is behaving like a true currency," believes John Bridges, metals and mining analyst at J.P. Morgan. He and John Fisher, portfolio manager and director of large and midcap growth strategies at Fifth Third Asset Management offered CNBC their commodities outlooks and investment ideas.

"As the general volatility in the markets grows, people are gravitating toward gold," said Bridges.

"We've been very encouraged by how well gold is performing over the last few months."

Fisher agreed on the precious metal's upside, but also believes that "the direction and prices on oil, natural gas, coal and energy products is going to be higher also."

"That's just exacerbated by, when you get announcements out of Germany that they're going to walk away from nuclear [power]."

How would Fisher play the trend?

"We think the best way, right now — in the near-term — to be exposed to energy" is via oil-services providers, Fisher said.

Fisher's Energy Picks:


National Oilwell

FMC Technologies

Baker Hughes

Occidental Petroleum

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Fisher's employer, Fifth Third Asset Management, holds significant shares in several of the above-mentioned companies.

Disclosure information was not available for Bridges or his company.