NYSE and NASDAQ Battle Over IPO Listings

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Ticker Trivia Question: Which single-letter tickers are currently unassigned to any stocks? (Answer below.)

Although Groupon plans to trade under ticker “GRPN,” a notable omission from its filing is where it will trade. There is no mention on whether it intends to list on the NYSE or the NASDAQ .

Over the next several months, both exchanges will certainly be fighting to win that important listing battle.

So far this year, the NYSE has won the fight over the number of IPO listings and amount of proceeds:

Number of IPO Listings This Year

NYSE: 53


Total IPO Proceeds This Year

NYSE: $23.4 billion

NASDAQ: $4.6 billion

Source: NYSE Euronext

Additionally, it’s noteworthy that Pandora Media recently received a “coveted” single-letter ticker at the NYSE.

Real estate website Zillow.com, which filed for its IPO back in April, has also received a single letter ticker “Z.” However, that company will be listing on the NASDAQ.

Ticker Trivia Answer: The remaining unassigned single letter tickers that are available are: I, J, Q, U, W. (Recall, Q recently returned to the pool after Qwest Communications was acquired by CenturyLink.)

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