Crystal-Studded Running Shoes? Really?

At what point does luxury become ... commonplace?


I ask because yet another product is being blinged up with Swarovski crystals.

What HASN'T been covered in Swarovski crystals? They've been glued to iPhones, sewn into bikinis, plastered on dog bowls, poured over a freaking Mercedes, and even stuck on a webcam.

Really, webcam bling? For $580?

Well, hold onto your Swarovski-encrusted hat.

The whole let's-add-crystals-to-boost-the-pricetag thing may have jumped the shark.

FILA is celebrating its 100th anniversary by selling 100 pairs of ... Swarovski-covered athletic shoes. The shoe is called the FX2, and it comes in black or white, with one thousand crystals covering the back. Wear this shoe and you are begging for a flat tire. No word on the price or sizes, but any way you look at it, this is a really big shoe.

As if the crystals weren't eyebrow-raising enough, FILA is also hyping the crystal-covered shoes as "ecologically safe" because "they are anti-fur designs." Which is, like, 99.9999 percent of all the other athletic shoes out there.

So what's left to be covered in Swarovski? Um, even that's been covered.

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