Warren Buffett Lunch Bids Quickly Approaching Last Year's Record $2.6 Million


After less than 24 hours, bids for lunch with Warren Buffettare already approaching the record $2.6 million paid last year by an anonymous winner.

As of 8:30p ET Monday evening, two competing bidders had driven the price up to $2,345,678.

Those sequential digits are a bit suspicious, but bidders are required to pre-qualify in an effort to keep things serious.

The company administering the auction warns that "shill bidding is neither allowed nor tolerated" and warns the "practice is illegal and carries legal consequences in many areas."

Proceeds of the charity auction will go to San Francisco's Glide Foundation.

The auction started Sunday eveningat 10:30p ET and is scheduled to end this coming Friday evening at 10:30p ET.

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